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Nick's Club Only Kudos

As many of you recall from the January meeting, Nick Fox won club's choice for his Mild in the Club Only Competition. For most of these, the club's choice is usually the last time you hear about the beer. We're happy to find out that Nick's beer took a SILVER at the National level this time.

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The WHALES found in Zymurgy Magazine (Sept09) NHC wins...

zymurgy_sept_09_20090831_1006201084I hope you picked up your September issue of Zymergy to find that the WHALES have snuck into several pages. This issue is annually dedicated to the National Homebrew Conference and Competition wrap up and features the winners from the competition and the winning recipes.

On page 43, you'll find a collage of photos taken at the conference and at the very top/center, you'll find a shot of the crowd at the opening toast. You should easily be able to pick out two WHALES hats. Bobby, Jen, Brad and Keith are shown in the second row and Nick is fully cutoff to the left.

On page 47, you'll find a new category called the Gambrinus award which goes to clubs with the most final round points once they qualify. To qualify, the club has to have 5 members entering the first round, two club members advancing to the finals and at least one placing. The WHALES took 3rd place (or second runner up). I think we can do better.

On page 60, it gets more exciting. You will find Gary Weston's mugshot and the recipe for the GOLD winning club New England Cider. Winning gold at the national level amongst 73 regional entries is quite a feat. Just think, all 73 of those entries had to win in their regions so it's not like a diamond in a pile of coal (more like a diamond in a pile of lesser diamond but I ought to quit with the analogies). The runners up in this category are both Ninkasi winners. One final note about this cider. Nick and I happened to be talking about the cider in the elevator when one of the cider judges overheard and eventually told us that the cider best of show was a split decision and ours only narrowly lost it. Oh well, Cider Maker of the Year next time perhaps.

For those who are not AHA members, I scanned the pages that we were found on. Click "read more", then see the attached PDF.

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2009 BUZZ off competition results

Official results page:BUZZ Homebrew

They judged 404 entries this year and WHALES members took 3 silvers, 2 Bronze, and an Honerable Mention.

Keith "prez" took 2nd with his German Pils, Bobby M had an honorable mention with an English Barleywine and Silver with an oaked version of the same. Gary W placed 2nd with an Agave Mead, Keith Story took 3rd with an Impy Smoked Porter and Luke K scored a bronze with a Chili Mead.

Click "Read More" to see the full table of winners.

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