5 Corny Kegerator Build


It didn't take long to realize filling bottles was infinitely less enjoyable than emptying bottles. There are a lot of intermediate options available to the homebrewer but by far the most practical is using defunct soda kegs. There are plenty of them out there which makes it relatively cheap to get into kegging. There are a few equipment requirements and most of it can be bought online.

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Single Tier Brew Sculpture

I needed a way to hold my various brewing vessels over the burners and have it be somewhat portable so I could tuck it away in the corner of the garage or wheel it out back onto the deck when I decide to brew out there. My requirements also included a mount for at least one March pump and external heat exchanger for chilling. I needed the materials to be inexpensive, because I'm cheap and would rather spend the money on ingredients.

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The Leak-Free Weldless Bulkhead

I personally don't care much for weldless bulkheads in metal vessels but if you HAVE to use a weldless setup, this design is for you. Of course, when you're converting a cooler for use as a MLT, you have no choice but to use weldless. This design is similar to all the kits you'll find online with a couple nit-picky details that I think are absolutely important to keeping it from leaking.

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Counterflow Chiller Build

If you're using a large kettle and doing 10+ gallon batches at one time, a nice efficient way to cool is to drain through an external heat exchanger. The two typical implementations are the plate chiller and counter-flow "coil" design. In both designs, a small amount of wort is put into near-direct contact with a small amount of coolant at any given time. As always, the rate of cooling is directly affected by the desired output temp and the coolant's input temp.


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